S. No. Name Designation
01. Ms. Shivani Principal
02. Ms. Neetu PGT
03. Ms. Heena PGT
04. Ms. Vasna PGT
05. Ms. Sangeeta PGT
06. Mr. Gurvinder PGT
07. Ms. Vidya PGT
08. Mr. Deepak Dabas PET
09. Ms. Renu Singh PGT
10. Mr. Jatin TGT
11. Ms. Sulekha TGT
12. Mr. Shyam Librarian
13. Ms. Priyanka Special Educator
14. Ms. Renu TGT
15. Ms. Lipika TGT
16. Ms. Sushma TGT
17. Ms. Seema TGT
18. Ms. Pooja Gupta TGT
19. Ms. Susheela TGT
20. Ms. Himanshi Wellness
21. Ms. Shilpee PRT
22. Ms. Bharti PRT
23. Ms. Rama PRT
24. Ms. Sunita PRT
25. Ms. Jyoti NTT
26. Ms. Simmi PRT
27. Ms. Shanti PRT
28. Ms. Komal PRT
29. Ms. Pooja PRT
30. Mr. Nipun LDC
31. Mr. Din Dayal PEON
32. Ms. Shobha AYA
33. Ms. Soni AYA
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From the Principal Desk

Mount St. Garjiya School is committed to providing a learning Environment and curriculum that engages, enriches and challenges children to discover and fully express their many strengths and talents. Our goal is that each child emerges as a winner and contribute to their families and society as a whole.

Education goes beyond imparting knowledge and in the current environment it is all the more important that schools engage in education in partnership with parents in particular and society in general.

At Mount St. Garjiya this will be our endevour - to encourage our students to take bold steps be self reliant yet compassionate grow in confidence, create lasting relationships with their peers, teachers and staff and be good citizens of the world.

If along with knowledge our children are left with values that encompass ‘do to others what you would have others do to you’ we would consider our job well done.

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